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Running is a lifestyle—a way of life. It’s that special time spent out on the road, on the trail, in the trees, the sun, the rain, getting fresh air deep into the lungs. It’s the miles that add up, day after day, month after month. And it’s the peace we feel when the pain and the stress melt away. Running makes life better. And life can also make running better. RunLife designs training programs that address dynamics of the whole running ecosystem—ie, life! RunLife training is both running and lifestyle training. And because no two people or two lives are the same, no two training plans are the same. Your plan is crafted just for you.

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Training doesn’t stop when the run is over. For a true runner, there is no finish line. Running influences the decisions we make, the food we eat, the shoes we wear, and the people we surround ourselves with. RunLife training targets the whole ecosystem.


No two people are the same. Why should they train the same? At RunLife, training is tailored to the unique needs of every individual. We use advanced data modeling, statistics, and machine learning to give you smarter, more effective training with better results. Runners get faster… faster!


The RunLife training package includes a profile, assessment, summary of goals, pacing guide, six weeks of weekly strategies, and a comprehensive 6-week calendar that includes daily mileage, pacing, hills, intervals, easy runs, cross training, and rest days. Unlike other plans, ours is tailored to your individual needs.

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RunLife Analytics - It's more than about running

Training and running are only one component of improving your run time. To make real change in your performance, it is equally important to start practicing healthy lifestyle habits to compliment your training.

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CES 2018 The Consumer Electronics Show presents a range of new gadgets in the consumer electronics industry. A new treadmill by Peloton gives the running community a new way to exercise at home.

RunLife Training Works!

I’ve been playing with data from the Nov 4th Sole Mates 5k, merging finisher data with the data we collected from our RunLife training plans. And I’m seeing some exciting things! RunLife Training resulted in an average 7.1% faster finisher time, with interesting breakdowns by sex and by run time.

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