About RunLife Analytics: Company & Team


RunLife Analytics uses data modeling and machine learning techniques to make personalized run training plans, custom designed for every individual runner. Because every runner is different. Our mission is to help runners get faster. Along the way, we hope to help people get healthier, and smarter as well. Our programs are based on the idea that running and training are just a part of a larger ecosystem. We envision improvements in performance as the result of increases to effeciency in System Dynamics. While most training programs just focus on running, we consider this approach too limited and less effective. So our training looks at the relationship between lifestyle and athletic performance.


Dave Courage is founder and CEO. He's worked for 15 plus years in consumer marketing strategy for media and publishing companies such as HarperCollins, Conde Nast, and Scientific American. He ran his first marathon more than 20 years ago. He is happy to report that he is faster now at 40 than he was at 18.

Ken Hoff is co-founder and CTO. He is a full-stack product engineer with experience developing web-based products for everyone from local startups to Microsoft. He brings vision to life.

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