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Training and running are only one component of improving your run time. To make real change in your performance, it is equally important to start practicing healthy lifestyle habits to compliment your training.

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CES 2018 The Consumer Electronics Show presents a range of new gadgets in the consumer electronics industry. A new treadmill by Peloton gives the running community a new way to exercise at home.

RunLife Training Works!

I’ve been playing with data from the Nov 4th Sole Mates 5k, merging finisher data with the data we collected from our RunLife training plans. And I’m seeing some exciting things! RunLife Training resulted in an average 7.1% faster finisher time, with interesting breakdowns by sex and by run time.

RunLife Provides Training for 2018 Resolute Runner 5k

RunLife Analytics sponsors 3W's Annual Resolute Runner 5k, offering free, personalized 5k training plans to all racers.

RunLife Provides Training for 3W's Winter 6-Pack Series

RunLife Analytics sponsors 3W's Winter 6-Pack Series, offering free, personalized 5k training plans to all runners.

RunLife Provides Training for 2017 Sole Mates 5k & Brew Fest

RunLife Analytics sponsors 4th Annual Sole Mates 5k & Brew Fest, offering free, personalized 5k training plans to all racers.

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