How much should you pay for a personalized plan?

At this years CES show Peloton has unveiled its premium treadmill. How premium you ask? This piece of hardware will cost you $4000 retail. This is incredible based on typical treadmill prices that range from $900 to $3000. Peloton isn’t just selling hardware though. Peloton is selling a service. The treadmill has a large HD monitor that can instantly connect it’s users to customized fitness classes. This isn’t your old dvd workout tape, this is sports trainers who are in a class with you in real time.

There is immense value to have a coach motivate and guide a runner through a training plan from the comfort of a living room. At RunLife we love the idea and the ability to give runners a personalized training plan. How expensive should that plan be though? It all depends on the runner. If you want to look at your training in a holistic way, check out our free 5k training plan. We take real data from 5k runners and show you the patterns in their behavior to give you the map for success, and it won’t break the bank.

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