RunLife Training Works!

Ok, this is what I live for—analyzing data!! I’ve been playing with data from of the Nov 4th Sole Mates 5k, merging finisher data with the data we collected from our RunLife training plans. And I’m seeing some exciting things!

38 people used RunLife training and completed the Sole Mates (about 7% of all Sole Mates finishers). Now here's where it gets fun... Of those 38 people who used RunLife training, the average run time dropped 7.1%! That equates to a drop of about 2min and 20sec each!

Where it gets REALLY fun, is when we drill down and look at this data from a ton of different angles! For example:

1) It looks like women improved slightly more from their training than men did, with a 7.4% average drop in run time compared to a drop of 6.0% for Men.

graph improv by sex

2) Let’s bucket runners by finish time. Let's set buckets for runners who finished: in 20 to 24 minutes, in 25 to 29 minutes, in 30-34 minutes, 35-39 min, 40-49 min, and 50-60 min. Each bucket showed varying levels of improvement. The 35-39 minute bucket demonstrated by far the most improvement, with a 13.9% drop in run time! This works out to about 6 minutes faster over the course of the 5k, or almost 2 minutes per mile! If you’re in this bucket, it looks like RunLife training might really be able to help you! What’s even more exciting to me though is that even runners in our fastest bucket (20-24min finish times) exhibited a 4.9% improvement—equating to more than a minute off their 5k time. This means that RunLife training worked across the board!

RL improv by time

Of course there were some folks who didn’t improve—about 24% either didn’t improve or remained the same, for whatever reason. What’s really interesting though is that when we factor these runners out and analyze just the runners who did improve, their collective run time dropped by even more. Those who got faster, registered an improvement of 10.9%—a lot greater than the 7.1% we saw for the entire dataset.

So in conclusion, 76% of runners improved with RunLife training plans, and they improved by a lot (with a drop in run time of almost 11%)—especially runners in the 10-11min/mi pace group, though we saw exciting improvements even in our fastest runners. The takeaway? RunLife training seems to work!

So if you haven’t yet, give it a try! While we build up to critical mass, it’s still free. It just takes a minute to create a plan. Our machine-learning engine means your plan is personalized and geared exactly to your level. So take the challenge to run a faster, smarter 5k!

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