RunLife Provides Training for 3W's Winter 6-Pack Series

Free, Personalized 5k Training for Winter 6-Pack Series

RunLife Analytics will be sponsoring the 2018 Resolute Runner 5k in Arvada, CO. The race is January 1st at 10am.

This year, when you sign up to participate in any of the Winter 6-Pack Series events, you will get access to a free, personalized 5k training plan from RunLife Analytics. It is a 6-week training program that maps out 6 weeks of easy runs, hills, intervals, cross training, and rest days, while also providing runners with custom pacing recommendations and advice for how to optimize your lifestyle in order to have the greatest impact on your race performance as well as on overall health.

So stay fit this winter by participating in the Winter 6-Pack Series--sign up today, and train for a smarter, faster 5k with free RunLife training!

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